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What we do

Content Development

Content Development & Design


Showing exhibitions on a regular basis is an important revenue stream for museums and a growing area for commercial exhibition venues.  A vibrant changing program of new exhibitions is almost always needed by any type of venue in order to capture the public’s imagination and therefore drive attendance, and if successfully planned and executed, to stimulate valuable repeat business. In addition to the revenue driven from exhibitions themselves, a strong retail offering and other paying opportunities for guests can raise overall income and net returns.


We believe successful exhibitions share common themes and provide a framework for which to make sure the visitor experience is most impactful. The Museum Practice's guide, “Keys to Successful Exhibits” define the criteria we use to evaluate exhibitions.


Carefully handpicked and effectively managed creative teams produce awe-inspiring museum projects. We work closely with the world’s best creatives that reflect the objectives and constraints of the client and their project. Every project is unique and the process should be also.


Developing new ways to deliver creative content and great design are essential for a one-of-a-kind exhibition. We excel in the selection and management of architects, engineers, exhibit, graphic and lighting designers, media producers and all other related creative professionals.


Production & Technology


From multi-million dollar exhibitions to small projects, The Museum Practice has a consistent track record of delivering impressive results both on time and on budget. We specialize in the development, management, and clear communication of schedules and deliverables, always maintaining a big-picture awareness along with a discerning attention to detail. The depth of our experience in production management has given The Museum Practice a versatile range of strategies to anticipate issues, mitigate risks and achieve the client’s objectives. Building on past accomplishments and never ceasing to research the field, The Museum Practice is exceptionally resourceful in coordinating teams, and holds contract commissions for all aspects of developing and executing successful exhibitions.

Business Development

Business Development


The Museum Practice has extensive experience in placing exhibitions with museums and other exhibition venues. Whether it's an art, history or science exhibition we have the relationships and experience to help place your exhibition.  Recent projects include the award-winning Meet Vincent van Gogh exhibition.  As an independent organization we have been on both the exhibition owner and venue sides, and understand each parties unique needs.  

Organizational Development



The Museum Practice can assist with your Operations needs.  With years of experience working onsite with museums we can help you put together and execute your operations plans.  From the installation, operation and dismantle, we have the resources, experience and skills to make the exhibition successful. 


In addition, The Museum Practice can help with Group Sales.  In 2014-2015 The Museum Practice conducted the group sales program for the Museum of Fine Arts Houston for these exhibitions:  Habsburg Splendor: Masterpieces from Vienna´s Imperial Collections, Monet and the Seine: Impressions of a River, and Spectacular Rubens.  

Organizational Development


With extensive experience in the museum and themed entertainment industries, The Museum Practice is a leader in process and project development.  From Concept Development through Post-Opening evaluation, we can help museums reach their exhibition objectives.  Our processes have been finely developed with years of experience and we can help improve your organizational efficiency.  

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